Trace green lines disappear when zoom in?

I took a whole lot of photos back on August 1. When I look at the map at zoom 11, I can see them, when I go to zoom 12 they disappear.

(look in the area of “Fitzroy Harbour”)

This makes it very hard to click on a road segment to look at a specific area.

Same here. I guess there is some processing to be done yet. Many people here reported processing delays beginning of August

Hmm. Areas I uploaded later (eg August 14), work fine.

Same as thuis?

Same, but it is not a caching issue. Changing browsers and the same problem appears.

Pretty sure its a wait for finishing image process thing. ie the fine zoom tracks can take a few weeks to appear. I usually allow at least 3 weeks before I check and edit my uploads,.

I do the waiting game. I request every time when there is nothing on TV. Mapillary moves in mysterious ways.