Photos not appearing on map

I have uploaded footage from two different cameras in both directions for Arborfield, Arborfield Green, Observer Way, Swallowfield, and Riseley (e.g. Mapillary - Street-level imagery, powered by collaboration and computer vision or OpenStreetMap). Some of my photos have appeared on the map, but a lot have not. I don’t have any images awaiting processing.
This is an example of a sequence from the first camera (uploaded last year):
And this is from the second camera (uploaded recently):

Why are my other images not showing on the map view?

Now the Status page has been removed, I am very wary of uploading more images if they just disappear.


Something must have happened - many more of my photos from 21/11/2020 have just appeared on the map, including some that have been outstanding for 4 months.

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Just linking to this comment here. Hope to have an update soon.

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@jpennycook it looks like some of your images were flagged in the system by our bot as ‘not street-level images’. Even some legitimate images were getting flagged.

We had a bug where approvals of your images were not going through. I have just rejected the bots flag, so they should appear in your feed eventually.

Others like what you see below are correctly flagged by the bot when it thinks it’s not street-level imagery.



Thanks for the update and the explanation


Some images are still not showing on the map but are accessible if I use the arrow buttons from another image, e.g.

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Same with me, 1 / 20-1 / 50. I have sent some support emails about fixing this sequence: She’s still broken ;-( …

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I also get images blocked on a regular basis. I understand the need for a “not street-level” filter to block inappropriate images, but I lack the imagination to justify why, for example, this image was blocked:

What is “not street-level” about it?


Just recently this one of my pictures was deleted:
Granted, it’s not really street-level, but a menu / pricing list of vending machine, and I think very valuable to have in a map application. Google maps seems to explicitly want this kind of info.

This is the algorithm getting it wrong. When it’s reviewed, this image flag will be marked as incorrect and will reappear on the map. We’re reviewing the process to see how we can improve it.


These kind of images are not supported. Mapillary is a platform for street-level images and the image processing pipeline has been developed to support street-level images specifically.


The algorithm seems to get it wrong more often. I would like to suggest 2 measures:

  • Actively inform the author about the blocked images.
  • Give him a way to unblock the images

Yeah we’re looking at a few measures including:

  1. Allowing images to remain on the map while they’re being reviewed.
  2. Hiding only the images that require review and not the entire sequence. Often it’s only a handful of images in each sequence are flagged, but currently the whole sequence is blocked in case it contains bad imagery.

Site errors becoming obsessive : .
Neither remove (myself) nor fix (me). I admit that not all the broken sequences have been found by me.

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I just did two uploads without any map showing up (the satellite map disappeared about a week ago; now the basic road map is gone too). Now I need to see the map to situate one photo without GPS coordinates…

Is your username the same one you use here? I can look into this for you.

Good news
We are doing a complete backend overhaul that will change the way images are processed. By the end of the month you will no longer need to worry about the bot flagging your images and holding them in limbo.

Images will be shown by default like they were in the past. In future, we can work with you all to determine what flags might need to be in place if there are inappropriate things being uploaded. I’m happy to say that 99.999% of images are relevant street-level imagery.


I also discovered that all my recent sequences are missing. Not in mapillary, not in my Feed panel, not in my Uploads panel. So, we are approaching the end of the month. Any news? Are my sequences completely lost or will they be back?


Maybe wrong topic, but my uploads from the last 3 weeks don’t show up in my feed or the map.


Recent photos from 23 May have started to appear on my feed but older ones are still in limbo