Mapped photos don't show up on map


I mapped a few 100m or so yesterday at 5 pm, and they showed up at ~8 pm.
I think that’s good enough. :smile:


But it remains toO unpredictable to do a Mapillary workshop.


I found out that there’s a bug that prevents one to switch from the satellite map to the coloured road map. I started with the world map in the satellite mode, then I started to upload and nothing appeared on the grayish blue. When I wanted to change from satellite to the drawn road map, there was no possibility for clicking… just a little white hand, no pointer.
Now I started with the world map in the coloured road mode and the following uploading process showed again the road map + the green line with the green points, waiting to be reviewed.
So within the satellite mode there is a serious bug! I would rather do uploading with the satellite map.


Sorry about the delays in uploads last week. It was indeed a system hickup and we are working on making those as rare as a Santa riding a unicorn… Not going to achieve this overnight unfortunately, but we appreciate your patience and keeping on uploading. =)

@TxllxT Thanks for explaining this bug - do you think you could take screenshots of how it goes to accompany the verbal explanation? Then you’re welcome to either post it on our issues repository or share here and I’ll take this to our dev team myself.


Thanks for the answer. I’ve got no possibility to show it via screenshots. But as I’ve explained already, in the right down corner there is the display for switching from satellite to three other modes. But once you get stuck with no satellite photo appearing on the screen, there is also no possibility to switch to the other three modes (no pointer but little hand, that doesn’t allow clicking). I was busy in Paris, so satellite photos should be available there… But now I’m again ‘on the road’(-map)!


@TxllxT Thanks for explaining further! I was able to recreate your problem and will take it to the developers. Hope to get this fixed soon!


I have same problem. I uploaded my movie at December 1 11:37 JST.
Video time: 2018-02-07, 10:01:06:000
GPS start time: 2018-02-07, 10:00:56:500

Images is not shown in map.