Upload seems slow?

Hi, I uploaded quite a few photos on Saturday. It is now Tuesday and I am still getting emails that they are being published. How long should I expect to wait until all the photos are posted? It seems to be very slow.

My uploads are in Ottawa, Canada… There were a few of us doing a mapping event on Saturday.

I also have the impression that some sequences lag a week behind.
But some sequences are quick to appear.

Others in Ottawa are commenting it is slow as well.

It is now 7 days later, I’m stilling getting “Your Mapillary images are now published” emails. The volume of these emails is a bit out of control… the uploads seem to have been split in many segments.

since Saturday I’ve received 94 distinct emails saying “your photos are published!” in small batches(50-200 photos). I mean I get it already!

the emails are way over the top yea. ive filtered them out in my email client since turning them off through mapillary will also turn off any notifications about comments as well

I was surprised to see everything OK this morning. Even my newest pictures.