Need help - Unable to erase my sequences (spaghettis)

I would like to erase the sequences (or at worst the images) of which I am the author because they are defective and present like a plate of spaghetti. I have tried several times via “Edit current sequence” but without success.
Here are several sets of sequences that I need to clean up:
Thank you for your advice and help
X. Durang

Edit current sequence, and then Delete. If that does not work its because their back office is also a plate of spaghetti code :rofl:
Just try again in 2 weeks.

Had something similar a while ago, in that instance pictures were in the correct spot, but the green connecting lines jumped all over the place; well, not really, only happened to approx. one in sixty pics, and in the couple of instances where I checked the exif time, found what is most likely a rounding error in the sub-seconds of the hero9’s photos taken just about when the minute was to jump to the next - apologies for my totally inept description; the good news is that several months later I can’t spot those errant lines, apparently things were eventually sorted.
Short and good : are the pics in the correct spot? Then leave well enough alone, things will get sorted.

Deletion does not really work, I have pending deletions since years.