Sequence-cut had cutted a lot or not

in this sequence the cut is not done (i have uploaded all images correctly)

in this sequence it has split a lot my sequence & now i have lot of work to correct angle

how to correct this?

I’ve been having the same problems. Have you been using the uploader scripts? That’s what I use, and it’s been messing up a lot lately.

I’ve now noticed that sequence-cut causes more problems that it solves, I think. I had one sequence with a lot of points ending up at 0,0 lat lon, and now those segments are totally fragmented. I would request deletion and try again, but there are now literally hundreds of sequences of between 1 and 13 photos. Mapillary support is not being very fast with fixing this issue.

And lately, my sequences are just out of order for some reason, and sequence-cut bot chops them up as well, making them pretty annoying to delete as well.

@jesolem, @peter, or someone else, any confirmation that these can be deleted on your end? Brenna from support has been helpful but somewhat lacking in communication or resolution.

Hi there,
we tracked down the uploader problem a few days ago and pinned down a bug in the EXIF-reading of web uploader images, resulting in the NULL island images. this is fixed now, please try again and let me know if there is anything fishy still.

As for the sequence cut @Yod4z - I just trie dot cut the sequence manually, see . The jumps there are below 300m so I had to pull down the cut distance to 20m in order to cut it correctly. Looks now like

Part of the problem isn’t that sequence-cut is having trouble, it’s that there are gaps of somewhere between 20 and 300m in the first place. Some of my sequences have been uploading out of order lately (you may have seen my requests for deletion on a couple yesterday, and a whole bunch more today). Latest issue was yesterday afternoon GMT-5.

I’m trying the web uploader rather than the scripts for now, and hopefully that will help.

I’m also manually going back to request deletion of the hundreds of sequences from the bug. If you wouldn’t mind deleting any of my sequences from August 7th without my manual request on the website, that would help a bunch.

@pkoby deleted your images from 7. Aug.

same probleme with this sequence
maybe i need to delete them and upload another time?

thank you form the sequence cut peter

Thanks, Peter. It seems like all of my Aug. 8 and maybe Aug 6 were deleted as well (there wasn’t anything wrong with the 6th, but they’re not letting me select the sequence).

I’m still encountering issues with uploading, where the sequence goes out of order. I made another delete request of the one sequence that has done it so far. I have successfully uploaded 10 of 12 sequences, at least…

@peter: I am consistently having difficulty uploading sequences that are in order without error.

They keep doing this:

I don’t want to have sequences that have weird inconsistencies like this, and I’m pretty sure the gaps in many cases are less than what sequence-cut detects, so it won’t get cut automatically.

I also don’t like the idea of having my 1000 image sequences cut into a few with a couple hundred, then a single image here and there.

This happens both with the upload scripts and with the web uploader. I’m getting kind of demotivated to keep uploading if this happens all the time.

This was fun taking these images. It felt like I was jumping over houses and turns out I was.

Oh well, so much for a beautiful map.

@peter You may want to take another look at it.


I see this strange behaviour too:

Start from this image, and move back or forward in the sequence:

I hope that I won’t have to reupload as I sent about 70k photos in the last days (with the python script)

Me too, but I take enough pictures and it is feasable, nevertheless sad to delete the spikes.
Garmin Virb XE, on a bicycle.

Anyone from support able to verify that this is on your radar? I have been leaving a lot of sequences alone with this issue, thinking maybe I’ll get around to getting them fixed later, or delete the weird points, but THIS is getting out of hand:

I’m just attaching a link for reference purposes to were further discussion is at in another post.

Hi everyone, just letting you know I’ve sent this off to the dev team to investigate as we’re seeing multiple cases of this. Hang tight, and if I need more information I will let you know!

To those affected-- what version of mapillary_tools are you using?

No tools, just the uploader.

Could it be that it is has been solved ?

Waiting to hear back more @filipc-- I’ll reach out when I do!

I’ve been using the web uploader.

It seems like they recentently made it quicker to process the images, but ever since then the images are getting mixed up.

I’m not using the most recent tools, but the previous version. I can’t find a version number in them. I process them that way, and usually upload them with the tools as well, but after I started having trouble, I used the web uploader, but on photos processed with the tools. Same problem occurred.