Sequence-cut had cutted a lot or not

I am using the latest tools and seeing the same

In my case, with the web uploader, I can now confidently say that the case is closed.

I was using Mapillary tool v0.1.2

@Yod4z I see you deleted the images around t5GNRoD-tQ-CpclIIAOXXg … did you upload the sequence again?

I have now submitted these sequences to reprocessing. I found a rounding error in the code that updates one of the databases. Which can lead to this behaviour. Let’s see how this works out.

So, I re-harvested that sequence after fixing the bug we found, looks much better now:

@pkoby got the sequence key so I can fix it, or maybe a date range?

Yes! That’s better!

I saw this problem on many other sequences. Do you need all the sequence key ?
If you can use a date range, you can re-harvest everything i’ve uploaded during august.

Hello. Can you fix my sequence too, please? IQqsv3Rxh7hL4VGoQlN2fQ

Doing it now, will take some time. Check tomorrow and let me know if it is better!

Hi Peter,

I’m probably going to work through and delete/reupload a couple of sequences, because they were chopped up by sequence-cut and have a bunch of lonely images, and thus gaps in the main bits.

If I run across any that aren’t chopped up, I’ll let you know.

my re up (the week before) for the previus sequence has passed but problem in another sequence

and probleme of image sequence

The three big sequences (2300+ each) I uploaded this afternoon (after @peter said it may have been fixed) are all looking right!

Thanks a lot for confirming @pkoby, this makes me happy. I have hunted this bug for a long time now - hapy to finally squash it!

After @sequence_cut cut track with 1062 pictures, 6 new tracks appears, insted of two. Shoud i manualy delete duplicates?

They’re the same sequence, just shown multiple times, at least for me. (You can see the same sequence key in the URL if you mouseover them, or open them in new tabs.)

I think it’s a database issue. I also think that some of these duplicates might be replacing some real sequences, so you can’t see all of your sequences in the list.

But if you delete one, I think you’ll delete all of them.

Interesting, that they all have the same key, but individual view count.

@andergrin do you have a link to the sequences so I can have a look?

And now there are 10 instances of each sequences

If I understand well, the preferred solution is that we delete the spikes ourselves.
That is feasible for me.
But in my region there remains a spike cloud from someone else that is there for one year now.