Manual sequence cut

A long time ago Mapillary website had the possibility to cut sequences. If the distance between 2 consequtive images was more than X meter (X was input parameter) the sequence would be cut. Is there a way to achieve this again? See this sequence for example.

If not … what is the best way to upload this type of images so that the sequence is cut? A one by one upload is not what I am looking for.


Like this feature request, I’ve also found long straight lines connecting photos taken at locations which are miles apart, where the line just adds clutter. May I second this?

I thought the ‘automated sequence cutter’ was doing this job every month or so for pictures in sequences with an inter-distance larger than 500 meters?

Although I have also seen sequences that are never ‘cleaned’ by that automated sequence cutter and showing these straight lines for months…

I’ve used the Mapillary uploader app (Windows) for some 30 or so 360 degree images last saturday. I’ve uploaded them all at once. It seems like some automatic cutting is done at (my guess) 50 meters or so. So it seems as if future problems will not happen when using this app. Not a solution for past ones though.