How to break an existing sequence into 2 separate sequences?

Hi, how to break an existing sequence into 2 separate sequences? Using the website.

Reason to do this because at one sequence a ‘gap’ of images (of about 2 minutes) resulted into a strange line between these points. [I have a picture to explain better but can not upload here…so look at picture with my problem here: (blue line across houses) ]

I also see these straight lines on the map from many other users. Maybe the developers can run a tool to ‘break’ these sequences automatically when two points in a sequence are more than say 500 meters separated, so these ugly straight lines will disappear?


so these ugly straight lines will disappear?

Yes, please : )

We do have an automatic split going! It runs every few days so sometimes it can take a while between upload and sorting this out. The distance is set to 1 km between the images.

Could you run it for Mapillary?

Ok, thanks, I did’t know that.

But maybe put on a TODO-list that it would be great for users to edit (break) their own sequences, also to correct such errors when the distance is only 100 meters.


some of these lines have a distance less than 1 km, they will probably not disappear by the standard algorithm as described by Katrin…

Agree. 1km is TOOOO much to resolve issues caused by uploading images done as a standalone shot of some place.
50-100 meters should be the highest threshold, maybe combined with the timestamp. 1km can be another village, another valley and must be another street of the city.

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Hi Katrin,
Can you look into sequence -LrpIeKIzaL-Z8_iux_5Zg which was uploaded some weeks ago by user Synap, and shows very ugly lines through the Netherlands and Belgium? I hope you can let disappear these lines (but why did the automated sequence-breaker not do its task here)? See picture below.

Thanks for the discussion! We’ll try to find the best solution, but as a short-term fix if you have some specific sequences that bother you, please provide links to the first image (or the sequence key) and we’ll split them manually with a shorter threshold. (I’ve picked up what’s been mentioned here already.)

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Would it be possible to set the threshold relative to the other distances in the sequence? For example: if 90% of the distances is below 5m then a gap of 50m should be reason to split.

IMO, if this is done in the uploader, it would make it much more user friendly.


Thanks Katrin for cleaning up the sequence mentioned. I can see the Netherlands clearly again :smile

Another thought, maybe it is easier for your developers to just ‘hide’ (not draw) any lines between two images in case the distance is larger than 50-200 meters (or maybe as function of average interval as de_vries mentioned), so no breaking of sequences is needed , but just not showing these lines…

@de_vries and @micmin1972, thanks for your ideas! I’ll pass them on to the team. =)

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Hi there,
this is on my agenda ASAP. Both to check the but bot, and to clean up the dirty sequences that are on the map. Sorry for it taking some time, we need to implement proper changesets so it also works for users to break/join sequences later.

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I would like that, yes.

Peter, I was going to start a new topic requesting to be able to join two sequences.

My first upload to the site was 111 photos, however the uploader only succeeded with the first 71, which resulted in me having to add the remaining photos to the map by hand a second time.

Now they are stuck as two separate sequences.
I do see that (when photos are near enough to each other) navigation appears to allow users to jump into neighboring sequences, which is good, but I’d still like to make my photos one long sequence.

Hi there,
sequence changesets in both directions are now implemented in the backend - we just need the UI to make them visible in the editor. We are already using them for the bots to break up long sequences, so yes - this is coming, for now it’s ok to have the images in two sequences.


Two years later I still do not see this function on UI.
Is it still in a backlog for implementation?

Hi, I found some “strange” sequences which have to be split up - here is an example:
User = @operon85
Date = 11-Aug-2019

Isn’t there a bot which should do this job automatically?

And is there a possibility to cut a sequence manually after being uploaded to Mapillary?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Still missing the UI to enable splitting sequences in the web editor. I occasionally spot old sequences I uploaded that should be split but don’t match the >1km criteria used by the bot.

Yes, feature is absent.
I am trying as workaround temporary to move point a few kilometers away and will check if robot will cut sequence then I can bring the point back.