Lots of unnecessary lines between photos

do these lines really need to be showing the whole time? wouldnt it would be more useful to show the line only when you have clicked on one of the photos or when editing? or maybe the line could be shown fading out when the next photo is far away?

alternatively, an option to manually split a sequence would solve this problem

one sequence is bunch of 360 degree photos all in separate locations but taken within an hour of each other so they end up looking like this:

its probably hard to know whats what without being familiar with the area so for reference i drew over the lines that shouldnt be showing:

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Hi @dave683, we have sequence cut bot and usually it cuts sequences every 24 hours. Are these images captured by you? Please, could you send the link of sequence for further investigation? Thanks

yes all of these are mine. most of them that are causing the problem were captured this time last year. thanks

I filed a issue for this bug, it seems sequence cut bot skipped your sequences.

great, thanks

If i can ad this here again. Same happend for me when using an early version of the GoPro video processing script… Someone from the support already added it as an issure, but cannot find it anywhere on github… must be internal.

oooh! thats very arty!

the problem in my case is that i was trying to capture the full length of a street, then driving to the next street that i hadnt done. i deleted out any photos inbetween the two streets if i had already done it so there wouldnt be any duplication (thinking it would be neater that way) but turns out it made things look worse!