Sequence gets splits automatically

I captured images when I was on a drive for a couple of hours using Android phone (Nexus 4). When I then checked the Upload page on the app it is showing many sequences (each one having around 150 images, while some having over 400). I have not set any size for the sequence or have touch the phone while I was driving. I just assumed that the images will be captured as a single sequence (or at least multiple sequences, each one having the max no of images allowed per sequence, which is 601 I believe), but that’s not the case here. It seems they are cut into small sequences with no logic at all.

I then uploaded each sequence one by one and what I noticed on the map was that there are gaps between those sequences and each upload sequence are treated separately (and have unique sequence keys as a result), i.e.: the sequence keys

TK1cqlOYSHiny5jxMan3Ww and ilnv7nn98tos0p1aox0d0l,
ilnv7nn98tos0p1aox0d0l and vsrnvu9amcoclx069f3qkr,
vsrnvu9amcoclx069f3qkr and rmYDOhHYTWS10cRsSR1FRQ
should really be just one sequence.

My questions then are:-
1- Why are the images split into sequenecs with random number of images on the app? Is it the limitation of the device (Nexus 4 being rather old)?
2- Is there a way to rejoin those sequences back into one large sequence?
3- How do I stop it from happening again?

In Settings, Capture it states that it splits when there are more than 300 meters between pictures. If you get a bad GPS reading this can trigger it, but if you drive fast enough and the phone does not take a picture for a little while, that can also get to 300 m. You can try to increse the number, but you should also check if there is too far distance where the splits occurs.

Thanks. Yes, that makes sense. I never touched that parameter of 300m, which incidentally is the max, so it’s not possible to increase it.

So to avoid it happening in the future, I should drive slower or change to Time-based capture instead of distance-based capture as I’ve been doing now?