Android app crashed while uploading

Yesterday, I made a small trip recording pictures (~900) with the Android app (2023.5.15-5.12.105). Back home, I wanted to upload pictures. So did I with wifi. Two times, the app crashed. I restarted the app and continued uploading. As sequences were no more displayed in the upload panel, I didn’t cared. Indeed, today, I discovered that the two first sequences were strongly cut. 1st sequence: 22 pictures over 300. 2nd sequence: 39 pictures over 300. The last sequence seems to be full with 282 pictures.

What is in Mapillary:

In red, what I did for the first sequence:

Thanks for letting us know! @Yaro for thoughts.

The crash is specific one, as both sequences was partially recovered. This (almost unarguably) points to the correct place. I will take a look at what can be the reason ASAP.

BR, Yaro

I would say that both sequences were partially uploaded before the crash and the uploaded parts were not lost. My 0,02 €.

BTW, I uploaded several sequences during last week-end and I didn’t encounter crash.

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Thank you for keeping us up to date.

BR, Yaro