Hundreds of 1 or 2 image sequences?

Has this happened to anyone before? I uploaded thousands of photos only to not have them stitched together in a sequence. See the attached image. Weird right? Is there a fix?

Here’s the general area. If you zoom in, it starts to look pretty weird i.e. two images linked in a sequence with a third image in the centre unlinked.

Camera used was a GoPro Hero 7 Black and uploaded with Mapillary Uploader on Mac OS.

Thank you!

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Use to happen to my earlier images when I was doing about one frame every two seconds. They would only sequence link when the vehicle was going slower. ie less than a specific distance between each. This was with the tools though. The max distance allowed in the sequence was a command argument.

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Hi, paulmsg.
With the Mapillary Uploader for Desktop I use, it was possible to make entering to the same sequence, if the distance between the photos was less than 500m.
However, I feel that the logic contains a lot of discrepancies from the time I started making strict double upload decisions this spring to the present.

Of course, it is often processed as I intended.
However, Mapillary sometimes behaves unexpectedly and abnormally.
I also think that it is abnormal that the sequence is always divided with less than 500 sheets now.

If I process two groups of photos that are a little apart from each other as they were taken without much consideration, the sequence will be the same as shown below.
As shown above, it’s harder (and annoying) for me to put another sequence of photos at a distance of less than 500m.

On the other hand, I made an example of using over 5000 photos and everything is in a different sequence.


I’m new to the process of connecting sequences to uploaded photos, which is important for paulmsg, but I’m not sure.
But it seems easy to break the sequence. The extra sequence of my photos seems to get in the way of other users and they sometimes cut that sequence. And that fact is notified to me.


I can’t imagine why your photos can’t be in the same sequence, even though they’re only a few meters apart.
(Anyone can easily deliberately put it in a different sequence, but you haven’t done that)
If possible, please tell us your upload environment.