Multiple Sequences in Single Upload Batch Behavior

Wasn’t able to find this question on the forum elsewhere – but please redirect me if someone is able to find it. I am curious as to how mapillary handles multiple sequences that are uploaded from a single folder of pictures. I went out biking today and not only did I stop recording at stop lights and stop signs, I believe I also accidentally forgot to record pictures for a period of time so there would be a gap in the pictures. Is this something that I should manually fix? I.e. do I need to do any kind of stitching work or deletion of certain sequences that are too brief/short?

Really, I am most curious as to the way that mapillary will normalize the set of pictures, as the compass angle for each shot depends on the direction of the path towards the next one.

Mapillary bot will cut your uploads automatically when they detect a 1 minute time gap between pictures.

So yes, you can upload multiple trips stored inside one folder without doing some manual splitting.