Sequence editing - Join sequences

I use Mapillary for walking routes, concentrating on waymarkings, turns and surface. I use the app capture screen in Manual mode, because a. in automatic mode most of the pictures would be worthless, and b. I need to aim the camera at specific details from a specific distance, otherwise many markings would be missed. I need to upload while walking or at rest points with wifi, because a phone cannot hold a day’s worth of images.

Over a days walking, this results after upload in many sequences of varying length, while in fact the it’s one sequence.

To make this work as a tool, I need to be able to join these sequences into one bigger sequence. Is there a way to do that on the website? It looked like altering the sequence number of the image to move it into another sequence would at least allow me to handle the loose pictures and very short sequences, but it’s not editable.

Any advice or thoughts on this?

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Having the up loader of a sequence be able to split it or join them up would be useful.

AFAIK, when you keep less than 5 meters between the images and upload them correctly geotagged “in sequence” all should go well?

Using smartphone, geotagging is done by the app. Automatic mode is impractical because of the slow speed, and you need to do other things so the phone is not always in hand. Also, you need to aim at small targets when recording walking route details.
So automatic mode when walking just gives you enormous amounts of practically useless images.
Manual mode gives useful images, but for various reasons the phone app often starts a new sequence, while in fact the current sequence should be continued.
When exploring imagery, this is very very annoying. I can’t fix it when capturing/uploading, and I can’t fix it on Mapillary website.
I guess that’s why very few walking paths and routes are available on Mapillary. I have tried to interest walking route operators to use Mapillary for their yearly route checkups, but none of them think it’s practical without a post-editing tool.

On a 32Gb sd card in your phone you can store thousands of pictures, enough for many days walking in manual mode…