Desktop uploader bug or imagery issue?

Trying to upload some sequences from a Virb 30, I get this weird sequencing, where older images intertwine with new ones, with seemingly no logic at all

Could this be a related issue?

yeah, I feel like I’ve seen this issue in the ios app as well, where there are connection lines between all of the photos, not just consecutive ones.
I’ll see what the sequence looks like when processed

Most probably not related, because even though my images are out of order in the Mapillary app, they are correctly ordered after uploading them.

Although I must add that I am not using the desktop uploader, so there may be something…

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right, so most of the sequences are up, and they seem to be navigable, not jumping 200 km between images. although they are shown as separate 4-5 image sequences in the feed, I seem to be able to navigate between them without having to click on the image
so probably a preview bug?

Same Problem here… :confused:

oh weird, you actually got the bug on upload, while my upload seems fine. maybe the sequence cut bot playing up

I now have the same issue after upload as well, pkey NnpDHZNeqnuHa493ZFPX5w