Fix or delete completely broken upload and resulting sequence

About a week ago, I uploaded a batch of ~700 images/1sec split/no compass angle with the desktop uploader, no issues during upload. Result is a very strange sequencing with some of the images sequenced correctly while many many others ended up as single image sequences along the way. The original images were all geotagged properly and distributed evenly along the road in question.

Reported this in another thread, no response there and not auto-magic fix either.

I’d really like to continue to contribute, but without assistance on why this might have gone wrong and/or if my workflow could have caused this, that doesn’t make much sense for me. Also, a trial&error retry doesn’t look appealing, because I see no way to easily delete all those “1 image per sequence sets” without getting a repetitive strain injury from having to click a couple hundred times…

So any help is appreciated!

I’ve had this happen too. I guessed it’s to do with how the images are processed on the servers, rather than how you’re uploading them.
Pinging an email to may be worth while. They have scripts that they can (re)run where things haven’t quite processed right.