Some questions for those that do a lot of uploading with the tools

  • Is it safe to delete images after processing and before upload? This is quite common for me (today was removing those with rain wiper blades in the view) I note that each image (MAPPhotoUUID) has a defined sequence (MAPSequenceUUID) in the EXIF at this point, but my concern is the effect of removing from random places within the sequence.

  • I have a number of sequences uploaded that have lat/lon errors from an intermittent USB plug in the laptop. The error is actually a fixed amount in a particular direction, so I was considering a gpsbabel job to do a rough fix, then something like Viking to snap those remaining to the road. After saving that as a gpx I was going to rerun the tools, delete the offending sequence on the server, then upload again. Can anyone see anything wrong with this approach?

  • Is it generally safe to do sequence repairs by deleting them from the (Web GUI) server and rerunning the job?


I think so. Are you using the web browser upload tool for all your uploads?


No I am using mapillary_tools from the Linux command line. There is also a delay of between one week and two months between process and upload.