Delete the part of the sequence due to bad GPS signal

Hi Mapillary community,

I have been capture StreetView using GOPRO MAX camera and sometime I had encounter bad GPS signal that leads to incorrect latlong match with the 360 images.

For example the sequence Mapillary

Half of the images of the sequence were good and match with GPS. Half of them were bad.
It would be more amazing if Mapillary has the feature like delete all the images from the determined image to the end of the sequence or to the beginning.

Currently, Mapillary supports delete single images or the entire sequence…
Screenshot 2023-08-21 at 17.33.25

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Thank you for the suggestion!

A couple of ideas here:

  • Right now the easiest way to edit is before you upload. For example, you can trim the video to just the pieces that have the correct GPS data using the GoPro player on your desktop. You could “delete entire sequence” and re-upload the trimmed version in it’s place.
  • Separately, we’d like to work on better GPS correction for Mapillary, so we should in the future be able to correct inaccurate GPS data with higher precision (but this will come in the future, and isn’t possible yet)

Thank @boris for your first idea, it’s great. I never think of that. But there are hard to find the original video name of the sequence even though I documented them by date of capture. Now I have like thousand videos and it was super hard to find to edit the bad GPS video.

Could Mapillary build the feature that only the owner of the organization and the uploader of the video/image see the original name in image details section? I guess a sequence number has to match with a single video I uploaded via the Mapillary Desktop.

About the second one, is this some thing like Google Studio StreetView where uploader has to match GPS + images with exist road?

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Previously, when uploading images, it was possible to change the position of each image. I miss that, because now you have to search each tunnel separately in the images and delete images with wrong GPS. It would be easier to position/delete them on the uploader map.
Now, it would be nice if you could show the position of the video before uploading it, so that such things (like saigongiadinh1698 problem) could be filtered out.

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Great ideas!

We do actually show the position of the video prior to the upload in the desktop uploader so that you can see potential issues before the upload. Here’s an example:

Thank you also for the idea for showing the original file name to the uploader - we’ll put this on our backlog. In terms of better GPS correction for Mapillary - sometimes we’ll match to roads, but our imagery doesn’t have to map to roads because users may be taking imagery while hiking, or road data may be incomplete in some parts of the world.


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Thank you, @boris for putting my idea into Mapillary Product Backlog.

I have one more thing to add is the use of search box bar in both web and mobile. The current status, the search box allows text search like street, city… and some time it’s hard to find or remember the places that Mapillary index from OSM.

The feature I think it would be benefit for lots of Mapillary users is show the pin icon on the map when paste 10.7791,106.6878 into search box (Web and mobile) and keep the pin always display.
We can imagine how fast it is to reach the desired location and check the view of Mapillary.

Here is how OpenStreetMap works. But the draw back of this feature is we must move the mouse at the line 10.7791,106.6878 right above the text “Results from” to let the pin display on the map.
Screenshot 2023-08-23 at 05.45.43

My youtube link.

Great suggestion! Searching by latitude/longitude like this makes sense, and we’ll put it on our backlog as well :slight_smile:


yea, I do miss that option… I could manually change the position of each image of my own uploaded sequences, and even from other uploaders ! Spends lots of time to make the map ‘visible’ without those strange gps outliers from myself and others.

Please add that post-upload gps edit function back , at least for ‘trusted’ users :slight_smile:


Dear @micmin1972 ,

Assume you’re aware of an OpenStreetMap editor by the name of JOSM? Used in conjunction with two photo plugins [Photo_geotagging and Photoadjust, if memory serves] allows to drag photos to the correct location and adjust the angle, then save amended lat/lon + direction before uploading to Mapillary : saves time, compared to up-/downloading in app / webbrowser etc. over internet.

@boris ,

speaking of JOSM, there is a Mapillary plug-in, could easily see myself using this to manually adjust lat/lon and direction of photos - either my older ones, or other contributors’ - in instances where I’m aware incorrectly placed; would there be any likelyhood of this app offering such functionality, please?

Met vriendelijke groet,

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It’s offtopic, but one more SUG.
On the map, there should be a radio button in the filter interface to show only the last 2 or 3 months of images. Perhaps with the addition of a slider to set the time interval.
Where there’s a lot of uploaded data, it’s annoying to have a lot of old pictures and sometimes you have to play with the current date picker to show only the most recent pictures.