Unable to edit photos

Hi, I’m sure the option to edit photos was always under Image Options>Editing but I can no longer see this. Anyone else had this problem or has the ability to edit been moved/taken away?


Removed completely since the move to the new servers and major update of the whole service. They suggest to use third-party software to edit sequences prior to uploading to the server. Maybe it works for the dedicated cameras with cards of huge capacity. But I have no clue what to do on a smartphone as I almost always upload sequences on cellular while shooting them. But we’ve got what we’ve got.

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Yeah, I’ve been shooting with a rear-mounted camera, and after upload would use the website’s edit capability to turn the sequences around so they “faced” the correct direction. Can’t do that any more.

Try the python mapillary_tools to edit/process before upload.


I’m using Mapillary’s own app on an iPhone, what’s the point of doing it if I can’t edit the photos after upload :man_facepalming:. I assume the app doesn’t let you edit before upload? Recently a few photos ended up with location 0, 0 almost 6200 km from the actual location!

Can this be used to fix GPS errors, might be practical for a few photos but surely not for 1000s?


GitHub - mapillary/mapillary_tools: Command line tools for processing and uploading Mapillary imagery readon your own, never needed to do so.
At least not in a gui way.
Thats where other tools should come into play.

And there is no way to fix it :pensive::tipping_hand_man:

I’am the author of this “comb”.

  1. The Mapillary filled the phone storage and couldn’t get location from the (external) GNSS receiver correctly.
  2. Pictures are downloaded. I don’t have any copy. I want “repair” pictures coordinates with the NMEA log of the receiver. I could not.

PS: the GNSS receiver logged coordinates with sub decimetre accuracy !