Feature request: Please re-enable sequence editing (image orientation)

I’m uploading about 15’000 images from my external 360° cam. On some of the sequences the camera was not correctly mounted (the cam looked backward). Without the possibility of editing the sequences I cannot correct the orientation of the 360° images. (They are 180° wrong).


maybe the python mapillary tools may help you with this before uploading, also they eliminate the process to import the pictures into the iOS mobile for you.

Derive image direction and Upload

  • Derive image direction (image heading or camera angle) based on image latitude and longitude. If images are missing direction, the direction is derived automatically, if direction is present, it will be derived and overwritten only if the flag --interpolate directions is specified.

Don’t you think someone of Mapillary should to come here and answer this question? I want the uploader and editor of sequences back. I want the control of my pics back.

I don’t think that external scripts will help me because the GPS information is stored in the mapillary app and not in the camera. So no way around the mapillary app.

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oh, ok,
Guesses you have already a cam with gps included which creates pictues with GPS all by itself, like the gopro max or alike.

You still do have the license to use your (and others) pictures as you like.

If I cannot access to them I cannot use it. Try to do the same on the other apps of Facebook group like WhatsApp , Instagram and Facebook app and wait for the answer of the users who cannot access to their pics. This starts to bother me, and I think could be good idea to start to speak with EU private data authorities.

Hm, yo you uplaod your pictures to a website and give them the right to do what they wanna do with it, while still keeping the right to do what you like to do with your pictures, and you do not keep a copy locally?
You do expect others to do your job?
Btw, most pictures are reachable via APi and on the website Mapillary cookie policy use - at least 99% of my uploaded pictures are reachable.

Wrong order:

1-Take photos.
2-Copy photos for me and review it (unless bad company does not me allow to do so).
3-Upload photos.
4-Company use photos.

For this behaviour (Mapillary people said: Nothing would change , only the right to use to other profit companies - read Facebook and Facebook clients) I don’t trust Mapillary. Mapillary lied us. Now I want to have the control to the pics as other Facebook apps do.

Nothing changed, you gave the right to use your photo before takeover of facebook to mapillary as you do it now.
They do not have the need to give you access to their data.
YOu may use your photos before and after facebook as you liked, for personal or commercial use. But you dit not have had and do not have the right to use the mapillary server to do your job (archive and store the files as you like it).
You gave the right to mapillary, they decide what they do with their copy of the photo, not you.

Also if you take and copy photo to your storage, how should any company let sou stop doing it (except for apple if they decide you watch illegal content on their devices)?

Also trust is one part, licenses the other. We and mapillary do all have to follow the license, which tells: we and mapillary may use the photos for private and commercial use. It does not tell us we may use mapillary ressources as a extended backup/external storage for our needs.


I think you don’t understand What it happens here. I do pics, I want to access my pics to review it, to copy it, to download it. Then if I want I can upload these pics to Mapillary or whatever I want. Mapillary app does not allow me to do that. I’m user, not worker so I want to access to my pics.
Try to do this with other Facebook apps like Whatsapp, Facebook app or Instagram, try to steal the control of the pics for the users.

Oh, ok, sorry, was under the impression you talked about uploaded pictures already on mapillary servers, because you wrote about the editor of sequences on the webpage, which will only work after uploading the pictures.
That is useless for pictures on local devices.

Yeah, you should be able to fetch pictures from your own devices to edit and modify, and there is for sure a way, but as I do not use current mapillary app, I cannot tell. I use the GoPro Max and therefor have all pictures locally


I also want to be able (again) to edit my pictures orientation. Some of my sequences are all oriented North (after a manual upload from desktop?). I want to correct that.

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