SOLVED: Cannot upload images from GoPro Max using web uploader

I just got to try my GoPro Max out today.

I have no trouble taking 360 time lapse photos. My next step is to use the GoPro app to download them onto my phone. Then use a browser (I’ve used both Chrome and Samsung’s browser) to access the Mapillary web uploader.

The web uploader will let me select images. It will let me see their exact positions on the map.

The images lack direction/compass exif data, but that it’s not strictly required to upload. I plan to “normalize sequence” later.

The web uploader will let me upload every image, and will let me hit “publish” at the end.

HOWEVER, images from my GoPro max will never show up in my list of uploads, nor in my feed as images being processed.

What is happening, here? Anyone know what might cause Mapillary to outright reject GoPro Max 360° images?

I’ve ruled out the possibility that the web uploader is simply broken right now, and that the lack of direction info is causing this, by successfully uploading OpenCamera photos without exif compass info just now.

As for alternatives: I don’t have a desktop computer, so I can’t use the Desktop uploader nor mapillary_tools.

I did have an older version of mapillary_tools running on my phone with Termux. With this, I was able to process, but not upload, about 30 photos. When I used the web uploader on those processed photos, they turned out fine. Trying to install the latest update to mapillary_tools has ruined my ability to use the program altogether (there’s zero official support for Android/Termux).

Experimented a bit.

All photos taken with Time Lapse fail to upload, in the manner described above.

All photos taken as single shot succeed in uploading.

There’s something specific to time lapse that the web uploader doesn’t like. Perhaps something in the metadata?

After more experimentation, I found that if you get Time Lapse photos directly from the SD card, they no longer get messed up by the web uploader.

The GoPro app does something to mess up Time Lapse photos so Mapillary’s web uploader dislikes them. Probably by scrambling up the time&date metadata in some fashion.

This took me hours of trying different methods to solve, so I hope someone else benefits from my panic and wasted time.

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did you try to upload them again? if you try and mapillary recognise them as duplicates already existing in database, it means the photos ARE published. They just dont show up. You can find them opening the place in OSM ID editor.

Thanks! I did try that. I could “upload” the same pictures multiple times. No duplicate warning, and the images never show up.

But like I said in the last post, it only happens if I use the GoPro app to grab pictures from the phone. If I take out the SD card and upload pictures from there, the aforementioned problem doesn’t occur.