Upload fail with gopro7

Hello i am newbie on mapillary, i Have upload in the past some photo with gopro7 but now he doesn’t work (photo Have exif and GPS) if someone have an idea or i could send some photos.


please provide a link to the mapillary page of the image, I doubt many people would be willing to download a random archive

okay, i have not a link to the mapillary page of the image but some links for vizualize and download the pictures…

I presume exif got stripped from these on upload, since you say the photos do have exif when you try to upload them.
So at what step do you get an error?

WHEN i use the desktop uploader i can see photos on map but the upload not really start and stay at 0. WHEN i use the Web uploader sometimes i see photos. The upload progress and mark fail at the end. No error message when i put the photos before the upload in the Web or desktop uploader .
Thank you

It is good practice to search a forum before asking a question.

there was an issue with the web uploader at the end of Dec 2019, please retry. for the preview dots etc, it is broken but there was a solution on the forum somewhere

Thank you i Have retry the upload and is good, i think that to provide of webservice. Thank you for your help !