Upload failed - Desktop uploader v.1.28

Wonder whether any other Mapilllarians have encountered the same issue? Yesterday 10 May 2021 uploaded two batches of photos from a GoPro Hero9; the first batch of 645 pics apparently didn’t complete : ‘upload failed’ at 645/645 ; the second batch of 13512 pics triggered 19 errors, was reduced to 13493 before uploading, and again failed at the final pic : uploaded 13493/13493.
Retry doesn’t cure the problem, rebooting windows 10 and picking the ‘do again’ option in the uploads list resulted in ‘scanning imagery’ , and same ‘upload failed’.
As there can be any number of causes it seems sensible to ask around first before filing a report with support?
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Reply to myself : last pic uploaded 08:50 , by 12 noon the restarted DU reported that it appeared the sequence had already been uploaded - which is correct ; what remains is for the Upload History (top right hand corner) to update to show upload didn’t fail …
Question whether any other uploaders experienced hiccup at the final pic remains .
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