Image direction interpolation?

This is more of a recommendation thread, as I am thinking what I want to do already exists.
Planning to shoot with a set of GoPros with GPS, but no compass. With GPS, provided it writes proper tags, I saved myself the headache of merging gpx and photos. Sadly, the compass direction would be missing.
Knowing how the interpolation scripts can normalise sequences, is there software available that would interpolate my sequences, but with an offset (like you have an option in the mapillary app, in 45deg increments)?
It might be possible with mapillary_tools but I still can’t get python to run, and would prefer a gui

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When the images are uploaded, it is possible to edit the sequence and press the Normalize Sequence button, which will interpolate the direction. Unfortunately there is no argument, but see the reply by @tastrax 2 posts down.

I was thinking maybe if the web uploader doesn’t have the functionality, some geotag software might? It is in the mobile app after all

After normalising I think you can also offset a sequence


I have done this for some sequences I uploaded by scripts without an offset


I use this:

It allows you to interpolate direction (with a configured offset), but I’ve only used it when writing gps data from a gpx file.

It might do what you want.

Oh, I missed that! This is probably exactly what I need, normalise then offset for each per-camera sequence. Thanks

@Gness I downloaded it yesterday but couldn’t find an option for interpolation offset, only gpx matching and timecode sync

This is under Extra>Preferences, however i think you’ve found your solution already :slight_smile:

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Ahh, that’s where it is. Good to have a backup option, thanks!

(hopefully all this stuff goes to plan)

Is the offset_angle parameter from the Python mapillary_tools what you want?

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Yep, I believe that’s what used in the web ui as well

Hi again,

Similar setup here, I want to use TWO (2) GoPro cameras simultaneously to record front and back image sequences.

I have been happy with interpolate_directions at mapillary command line tools so far, as per the command line tool mentioned here:

*** edit: it turns out I can use both interpolate_directions AND offset_angle set to 180 for the backwards facing camera sequence just by adding

—offset_angle 180

Did a trial run, worked flawlessly :slight_smile:

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Yep, this way if you are shooting from a fixed point (say attached to a car), you can interpolate all images first to be facing direction of travel, and then flip them.
There will be some lag depending on gps accuracy etc, but it’s good enough

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