How to edit my sequence?


Please help me.

I am a beginnner.

Step 1: I posted phots to mapillary(April 17). Some photos have wrong geo-tag.
Step 2: I corrected geo-tag. Feed shows “Edits approved”.
Step 3: Now, ptohos are shown in wrong position.

Photo sequence is here.

How to place photos at correct position?

Thank you for reading.


I suppose it is in the help, which, I admit is hard to find.


Howto move the position online:
select one picture of the track, click on edit sequence right area, the one sequence is highlighted now and al other are greyed out.
Now select one picture and move it with the mouse to the new correct position. Repeat with others.
Afterwards click apply changes. Wait. After some time changes are applied and visible online.


Some pictures I edited 3 months ago are still shown on the wrong locations. However, when I click edit on the sequence I can see the positions in the edit-map are correct (and different then shown in the overview map). So I gues it can take some months before the map is updated.



Yeah, that was a error I´ve had, too. Just click on edit and move one pic per sequence slightly by 1 pixel.
Soon after they are redrwn and shown correct.



Everyone, thank you for answering.

To micmin1972

I have the same problem.
My photos are shown at wrong location.

But they are shown at corrected location when I push “Edit current sequence” button.

Ok, I will wait for months.



There was a bug with updating the layers of tracks. If you want to see the changes faster, just edit one picture of each sequence in need for 1-2 pixels only and save, soon after changeset is visible.
If those pictures are shown in correct location in edit mode just tells you: edit done, changes applied, but layer on map not yet updated.
(yeah, it is annoying)



To Amiga4000

I have relocated my photos. Now the sequence is shown at correct position.
Thanks for your help.