Edit sequence order


is there a way to edit the order of Mapillary sequences? Because some sequences which were captured this month have a completely wrong image order and i’d like to fix them, e.g:




No. You will have to delete the sequences and upload them again.


I have pictures uploaded with a similar pattern as seen in the above links provided by doktorpixel14:


As you could see, it is jumping forth and back. And there should be a way - at least for the Mapillary-team, to correct the order of these pictures.

This was uploaded using the Android App version 3.89.

Given the fact that uploaded pictures are deleted from the mobile phone, the advice to delete the sequence and upload again does not seem to be feasible - and even when I drove the route again, there is no guarantee that it would be in the right order the next time.

Request that the mapillary team is looking more profoundly in these sequences and suggests correction, possibly figures out and communicates the root cause. Thanks!

I’d be happy to fix those sequences myself, given the availability of tools.

I have experienced this issue with images produced by action cameras. Actually I thought it was the fault of the cameras GPS, but could it be a bug in Mapillarys post processing?

@tryl Yes, it must be, because it first appeared in early August in sequences of several users who never had that order issues before.

Google for “github mapillary issue 2670” - apparently I’m not allowed to post links here. Anyway, that describes your problem exactly.

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Thanks :smile:

Lordy, that seems a bit silly. Is the any logic behind it?

Because they will quickly fill up the phone.
Personally I have a sync app that is set to sync the Mapillary app folder to my NAS, so I get a copy. I will have to not press upload untill that happens, but it works fine.

Shouldn’t that be the decision of the user? After all, it is their phone.

@gregtheswiss’s example gives a valid reason not to delete. To avoid his situation he’d have to make duplicate copies, taking up twice as much room on his phone.

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I agree. A setting would be great.

What’s the process for taking this forward? Do I need to transfer it to Github?

Who are the Mapillary developers on this forum? Are you one?

I am not a Mapillary developer. When you post it in https://github.com/mapillary/mapillary_issues/issues the Mapillary developers will take a look at it. In the forum they might see it.

thank you for answering.been having same question as OP and wanted to learn more. thanks a lot. may i ask you questions in case i would have some? as i can see that you know these things. thank you

@Jusible you are always welcome to ask questions. It is best to start a new thread if a suitable does not exist, then other can answer or read it too. Feel free to @ mention me if you want my attention :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help @tryl!

@DaveF I’ve taken your wish for this feature to the team.