Editing existing sequences

How long does it usually take for your corrected sequences to appear in the map? It’s been a 2 week wait for me and all of my other existing sequence i’ve edited are still showing the old gpx.

Editing sequence has been removed from the service so this topic is irrelevant now.

WHAT? Edit a sequence is not possible anymore? What a strange decision, I almost always checked my uploaded sequences and correct outlyers that are 100m + from the real location. Am I alone in this, this should not be the future of mapillary.

Also: no possibility to remove your own sequence? What if I upload completely wrong coordinates (by accident).

I can not understand this ‘update’
I can not work as volunteer if I can not even edit my own errors

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You’re not along on this matter - my wrong coordinates was also done in error.

I’ve put my uploading on hold, because currently the missing edit sequence is deffo a feature I was using for the following:

  • to ‘normalise’ the directional view point of the next 360° image in a sequence
  • It seems that the UK has been re-set to a snapshot sometime in May, since I had some sequences that I had marked for removal due to GPS tagging and time miss matching. So my recent images appear to have vanished, but even ones that I didn’t specify to remove are currently missing.

Sequence editing will be retired aside from blur editing (Mapillary web app)

Yes, editing and deleting sequence has been removed in the web. It’s a disappointing move by the Mapillary team but I am now finding solutions to edit my gpx before uploading. At least they still kept the compass editing in the Mapillary uploader but it’s crazy slow to load.