Image's location bug

From time to time, when I click on an image on the map, the viewer moves to another location.
Go to this location:

Now click on one image, and then you go to another location in the sequence.

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Yeah, something is weird with that sequence. Seemingly the order jumps if you view:

and then click on the ‘next photo in sequence’ [>]icon at the top, it teleports.

But also clicking on any of the photos in the area you linked pulls you elsewhere in the sequence.

I have similar problem, almost all my tracks in period from April to May are broken. Images are connected in some part randomly, for instance

@peter Are you aware of this bug?

@andergrin this is correct now right? looks ok to me.

Yes, it’s ok now. But what should i do with the other tracks, that have similar issue? Should i post such tracks here, or they will be recalculated automatically?

Yeah there is A LOT of tracks like that. My guess is that around one in 10 tracks has this problem.

When you use the previous/next arrows in the top of the images, it seems like the tracks have been cut in half, and then glued together again the wrong way around. So the “start” of the sequence is in the middle, and at the last image you can click “next” and are wrapped around to the first image in the sequence.

And when clicking on the map, you are transported to an image that is half the sequence away from where you clicked.

I have had email correspondence with Mapillary, and they fixed the ones that I pointed out, but many still remain. I think Mapillary needs to run a script on the database that is able to detect these errors and fix them.

I see those bugs everywhere…

Me too.
It’s quite annoying as clicking back or forward 100+ times to return to the intended location seems to be the only “solution”. It essentially makes such tracks unusable. Also those tracks used to work before.

I see this behaviour in 7 of 10 sequences since the great blur campaign started a few weeks ago.