Sequence issues: out-of-order & looping

Does anyone else have problems with uploaded sequences that either jump around as you advance through them, or loop so that you find yourself jumping back to an earlier location (that you’ve already stepped through) when you advance manually? I note that I don’t think I have this problem when using the sequence Play function. It appears to happen to me in both Chrome and MSIE (haven’t spent enough time in FireFox or Opera lately to know about those).

Some examples:
Start advancing manually using your up-arrow key through the sequence, and watch the location doohickey jump around.
Begin advancing manually and note that you jump back to an earlier picture after a couple of pictures. Continue advancing and you’ll find yourself back at your starting location. Keep advancing and you’ll be able to tell that you’re stuck in a loop.


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Yes, we are several that have commented in the bug .


I think that this problem is getting even worse! Examples: