Problem: Image out of sequence after web upload

I uploaded 2 sequences today via web interface; one sequence of me going in one direction of the road and other sequence going back in the opposite direction but to a different destination.

During uploaded of those 2 sequences, the preview looked ok but when viewing the website after publication, it seems some of the points along the sequences get mixed up. See attached.

Can someone take a look?

sequence 1: 5xgRewOkhWvOuak6J-wOWA

sequence 2: 4EPvmRzJ_HSPA1IIxTcUSg

I found another sequence with similar issue: YWvuzw_6ftmbVf6pb02wyQ

I’ve emailed about it, so hopefully they are aware. We’ve also been discussing it here: Sequence-cut had cutted a lot or not

Still not resolved.
And no github issue.

Thanks for the link. I haven’t read that thread since I didn’t think the topic title matched what I was seeing, but apparently it does. :slight_smile:

21 august 2018 and the problem persists.
There will be 4 rainy days. Should I stop uploading for 2 days ?

I have the same issue several times. My last upload got corrupted too, coordinates of the points is correct but they connected randomly.