Glitch in sequence photos order

Hi all! I’ve noticed a strange bug related to sequence displaying: Sequence key: jBn0BFgPCydsuBBcRzSUkg, Image key: 1163816930730915. When you press the “Next image” button it will indeed open the right next image (Image key 136545048499567), but on the map somehow the point connection goes to the beginning of the sequence (Image key 904395370125887).

The same issue occurs with multiple other sequences, you can see them in my town Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi.

These sequences were uploaded 4 years ago via Web-uploader and they were displayed perfect, but something has broken some months ago. It would be great if you fix these wrong relations or at least split these sequences just not to mess up the map with all these wrong interconnections. Peace for all <3

Hi guys, any ideas? I’ve written to the support already, no response (request 21158)