New Website uploading: Sequence issues and Review process

Break whilst uploading
I was uploading 200+ images in a sequence where the connection timed out for some reason. I could reload the page and saw that 121 of the 200 images had been stored but I couldn’t see what the last image name was and it would be useful to be able to mouse over or click the last image and see what the file name was so you could start with the next one.

Stringing sequences together incorrectly
I have been uploading a sequence, exiting the uploader and starting the process again for the next sequence some kilometres away. I am seeing a lot of linked sequences that should not be linked together. An example is at

Could we prevent any sequences breaking if over 250mtrs apart or so or can we ask the question “Do you want to start a new sequence” if a sequence is already loaded and default to no.

Slider not functioning as expected
The Slider appears to be calculating incorrectly. I initially had the map show all the images with ones processed but now it only shows the uploaded ones and the one currently uploading.

Thanks in Antcipation

Resuming upload: Out of experience, I don’t think photos are uploaded sequentially. So there is no “last completed photo”. On the old website, I just selected all the photos again, and the site just skipped those that were already in the sequence. (It must be the same sequence for this to work, if you start a new sequence then all photos will just be uploaded again.) I have not yet tested if it works like this on the new site though.

Stitched sequences: It seems to me that this only happens if you don’t exit the uploader in between. If you do exist the uploader, then the sequences should not be stitched together.

Slider problems: These I have also only noticed if I don’t exist the uploader in between uploads. If I do, then the progress slider works fine.