How to edit a sequence that is out of sync?

I like to correct sequences uploaded by others. Sometimes I find a sequence with 100s of images that are placed out of sync, so the location of each image in the sequence should be shifted 100 meters for example. This is probably caused by capturing using a seperate cam combined with an external gpx track

So the actual gpx track is shown correctly, but the images are placed on the map 2-5 seconds too early or too late. How can I edit these sequences in Mapillary? Because pictures on the map with a gps error of more than 30 meters do I consider (almost) useless. Or can I tag such a sequence as “inaccurate” with a reason why “out of sync”

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I invite you to look at some of my early sequences when I was bringing over my pictures from Panoramio.
They seem to be out of synk.

While accepting the shift of position due to the influence of high hills or Building structures, we have to bear in mind the GPS gives the location of the camera and not the object captured. The time lapse would be to the extent of focus time of the camera upto 2 seconds
The correction requirement can be reported to the photographer to change the location himself for he better understand the situation.

If the tool to correct the location is available to all it is possible that by multiple correction of location will result in clumsiness.

Still if the administration includes such tool to correct others photo location, it may be made available to selective, experienced & dedicated contributors who volunteers for such tool.

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I do not mean problems with gps due to high buildings and other objects.

But some people do upload sequences not made by the mapillary app, but using an action cam and a ‘synchronized’ gps logger. So when the uploader makes an error or the timing is not correct, all images are shifted on the recorded gpx track.

I would like to correct such sequences on mapillary when I stumble across them when editing the map. But how ( I am not manually shift 1000 images in a sequence)?

@micmin1972 I think this is a very reasonable request. I’m happy to say that it is one of the discussion points for our editor improvements, but I can’t say anything about how quickly this will come into practice.

I also need this feature. I take picture with an action cam at 1-second interval. Sometimes it seems that picture and location are not totally synchronized. For example a picture taken at time t will appear at the t+1sec or t+2sec location. So parts of the sequence are shifted.

It would be nice to have a tool to select those images and to be able to move them forward or backward within the sequence. Ideally, I would like to click on the first and last pictures I need to move in the sequence to apply the change. So, not necessarily all the pictures of the sequence or only one picture in the sequence, but all the pictures between two selected pictures.

I would also like to be able to manually move all pictures between two selected pictures in a sequence, but that is another tool…

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you can do that prior upload by using GeoSetter (you can adjust time offset).

Heres a tutorial. Will try to make a video tutorial of it in the near future.