Adjust GPS for (almost) entire sequence

Almost my entire sequence (eQfILAJHpDUqhEnt7z6FS0) is not where it suppose to be. Pretty much all the images are 200 meter (655 feet) too far south and 260 meter (855 feet) too far west. I assume my phone had an issue with the GPS, I’ve never seen such a big deviant for the GPS coords.

//EDIT: I fount another sequence a day later (ix9ypm6sQbuFnvjgtHTNrJ and t2NxQC73emTFKyX1oU8bhi)

Is there an easy way to fix this? I don’t seem to be able to do so in the web interface. I really hope this can be fixed, and if not I would prefer to have the sequences deleted because it is really messing up the map.

nobody knows. You can not even delete (and add manually corrected gps in a new upload) , and you can also not edit gps of existing images. Two failures that need to be solved soon