Wrong GPS location at start of sequence

Hi, maybe this is not the way to do this but I can’t find another.

On sequence FFqtq9v1mEo5PO0ypNTqpA all images PREVIOUS to b5ImnGHhnmpq4_xOqh19Jw carry incorrect GPS location. I would like to split the sequence with b5ImnGHhnmpq4_xOqh19Jw as new 1st image, then delete all previous images.

I have also requested that last wrong GPS image be deleted.

OTOH maybe having a button to request sequence splitting or flag wrong GPS location might be useful for reviewing? I find it’s hard for me as an uploader to review GPS location until images are on the map…

Thank you!

if you uploading using the web or desktop uploader, sequences are previewed on the map before upload.
you can also load images in something like geosetter and show them on the map there.

if images are far apart, sequence_bot would automatically split them, at some point