Wrong date in sequence

I have captured photos with gopro as usual.
When I match photos with GPX track in JOSM (with auto-guess) and compare if position is OK (ortophoto, cadastre). If not, I try manual adjust ±1-2 second.
Position of sequence was OK, so I just write coordinates and didn’t look to time shift closely.
Now date for sequence is jan 2, 2013 but in reality it is may 6, 2017. :frowning:


It is possible somehow offset time? Or better delete bad sequences and upload with corrected time?


Affected sequences deleted and re uploaded with fixed date.

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@kaylesk Good that you managed to fix this. :thumbsup:

For the future, with specific issues like this, you will get help faster if you send it to support@mapillary.com. The forum here is more for community discussions and the Mapillary team does not scan it daily (as we do the support email).