🧹 Cleaning up Mapillary Coverage

Hello everyone,

We’re aware of some inaccurate sequences on the Mapillary Web App and we’d like to ask your help to clean up these inaccurate and wrong geotagged sequences to provide better user experience for our users.

We’ll appreciate it if you could report faulty sequence keys and corresponding usernames on the comment below.

Thanks @pavolg for reporting @wsp’s wrong geotagged sequences.



Wow! Well done!

sequence key :

Perhaps you should had a “very bad coordinates” to the report image option on the web app, it would be easier for everyone.


Oh, the information in this article matches the way I want to process it now.
I’m looking for a way to remove the sequence photos that I’ve uploaded to the wrong coordinates.
If it is deleted by writing the sequence number here, I would be grateful.

There are two sequences I would like to delete: Both were uploaded by me. (User ID potaro67v)


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I have reported wrong sequences several times. However, I never get a response from Mapillary. The wrong sequences have not been removed

These sequences were captured on land. However, it is located at sea.


These sequences were captured on road. But it’s off the road.

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@potaro67v Thanks for reporting these sequences, deletion has been scheduled for these two sequences and they should be deleted in a week.

@StephaneP Thanks for sequence keys and requesting option to report an image with inaccurate locations. You may select other as a reason and note further details on the popup window.

Deletion for these sequences scheduled. Thanks

@Lowiekse Sorry for the inconvenience. Please, can you point out your ticket number and I can further follow it up? Otherwise, you may post your sequences here. Thanks.

@drivephotograph Thanks for reporting! Scheduled for deletion.


There were more, but I have to look them up again

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Thanks @Lowiekse, scheduled for deletion!

All of my sequences taken with low res option are interpreted as 360 but they are not.
Example: F8bj71VJYtwNz4IcOgaxkH
Can you filter sequences by resolution and convert them into normal pictures?

Deletion requests have been finally formalized/implemented in the advanced sub menu of the image menu in the web app. Go to :arrow_right: Advanced :arrow_right: Delete entire sequence. Yey! :+1:

@asturksever @eneerhut Please make announcements on such things for everybody to get notified. I have only stumbled upon this by coincidence.


@Ser9ei999 Your images have 1440 x 720 (2:1) ratio therefore they are treated as panoramic imagery, do you want to delete all of these imagery with 1440 x 720 resolution? Please make sure that your images’ ratio is different than 2:1.

There is no way to filter by resolution however you can use is_pano to filter all your sequences with API Mapillary

@GITNE Thanks for discovering it :hugs:, deletion request feature has been shipped recently. We’re testing this feature shortly and make announcement widely soon.

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@asturksever There was a time when the uploader didn’t work. So I turned on the low-res mode in the Mapillary app. I don’t control the resolution, it’s the app. So make sure your app doesn’t use the 2:1 ratio.

I’m OK with the deletion of such sequences where there is newer coverage. If there is no newer coverage, I wouldn’t delete them.

Should I report the sequences with discreet images taken inside buildings?

Example: 2Vxh5Hvs0dEv23nUMQKzwA

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Another example: ep1kukvmc0ver1aeppyawa

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