Sequence-cut had cutted a lot or not


I have now submitted all sequences for 2018-08 (date range for uploading) that normally would have been cut (some because of these errors) for reprocessing. This should re-insert the orginal date into our backend, and re-calculate the spikes in the places where this date bug was the cause of the confusion. The results should be visible within 1-2 days.

@filipc for the old 2017 spiky sequences- that is an Android bug where the date was submitted wrongly in the EXIF. I am planning to pull this data out of Postgresql into Elasticsearch, since we have the Android App version number, and then reprocess and fix the EXIF harvesting code so we can re-calculate these seqeunces, too. It’s on my radar.


@peter Would it be possible to get all my photos from August 18, 19, and 21 deleted?

Also, I deleted some from August 17, then reuploaded a few days later, but the old, deleted sequences are still showing up in my list and on the map, and none of the new ones are showing. So when I click on some photos that I know I reuploaded, it says they’re deleted. The map also still shows the spiky lines from those sequences.



@peter Sorry to chime in here, but i have the same problem. Uploaded around 200 sequences from my holiday around end of August via scripts. Most of them are fine, but some of them show this spikes. But not only this, some are cutted and scrambled like here:
and so on…
Was uploaded as one sequence, but is cutted now in different scrambled sequences.

Whats the best way to proceed? Wait for recalculation or delete and reupload?


@ramap the problem was that your sequences had already been cut with before I could submit them for recalculation. I now did that for all 50k images you uploaded Aug 21, to check things. Let’s wait a bit until it’s through, and it this looks correct afterwards, we can proceed and maybe do a full recalc of all August imagery for you and the other users that have problems.


@peter Thanks, and i will wait some days and see what will happen.


Hi Peter!

Some sequences still have this problem. These are sequences that were pending somewhere since many weeks (
I noticed some bad cut here:

I think that you can re-harvest all may uploaded images since 2 weeks.


@ramap I now corrected the data in your sequences for the 6th aug, and recalulated the sequences based on these timestamps. the results look correct. . Now, what is the time range you need to be cleaned up?


These are deleted now @pkoby.


@peter Big thanks! Looks far better now.
First scrambled sequence i still found is this:
taken on Aug 04
End of the last scrambled sequence is this:
taken on Aug 13.
I uploaded this between Aug 21 and probably Aug 24, maybe Aug 25 depending on how long the upload was running .


@peter Still scrambled from Aug 05:
Aug 06 looks fine now, but starting from Aug 07 i cannot check at the moment. The pictures seem not to be in a sequence, cannot go forward or backward in the sequence and the sequence is not highlighted:–xiVRIA&lat=46.39315671296296&lng=16.05190892699929&z=17

Sorry for two posts, but only two links per post for new users.


@ramap yes, I did this only for 6.Aug for now. What time span do you need?


@peter Don’t know why the first message was hidden? So selfqoute:

So Aug 04, Aug 05 and Aug 07 to 13.


Done @ramap . Tiles are still rerendering but you can see it here:


My sequences are still having th issue. Can someone take a look?

These are the ones I could find right now. There might also be a few others which I uploaded through web uploader on that day.



@peter Again big thanks! Now i can start documenting my tour.

Out of curiosity for the technical backround: I noticed that the sequence cutting is different from how i uploaded them. It’s now cutted on time breaks.
Was this an automatic process or had you to do it manually?


@ramap I actually did this manually - and the script will cut on both distance, time gaps and max images per segment. I think it looks reasonably good?


@peter Then even bigger thanks! And it looks fine now, no complaints from my side.


It looks like you deleted all the images I asked for, but the map hasn’t updated to show the sequences gone, nor has my personal list of images. When I click on the missing images, it says they’re not there, but they still mouseover a thumbnail and show a point (and the spiky bits).

I’d link you to one, but obviously I can’t. But here’s one nearby. If I try to click any of the spiky bits, it doesn’t show a picture.

Will this refresh soon? I think that maybe some of these sequences are blocking reuploaded ones (or the reuploads never went through).

EDIT: not totally true, actually; August 18 is gone, but 19, 21, and the ones from 17 I deleted are all still there.

Also, there’s this sequence from August 6 that is on the map, but obscured by an old sequence that was deleted. So when you try to click the points for the next image in line, it says it’s gone.


Okay, what the hell happened here?

I had one 11525 photo sequence, it uploaded fine, no spikes, nothing out of order, things were great, and sequence-cut basically split it into multiple sequences seemingly arbitrarily. The sequences are side by side, but skip random photos.

This seems really strange for sequence-cut to do, because usually I’ve seen sequences broken into 1001 photo blocks, but in order. These are neither. Nor were there any long gaps.

Why is Mapillary breaking everything?
Why is Mapillary breaking everything?

@peter Sorry to bother you again, but it seems sequence_cut is still going crazy. I got a message that sequence_cut has cutted an sequence of mine. From the picture i did know where this was. (A direct link in the message would be awsome.) Unfortunally it is one of the sequences already repaired. The sequence is now cut into two (not regulary) overlapping sequences.