Sequence-cut had cutted a lot or not


Good to know it’s not just me. Are you doing subsecond photos (less than 1 second interval)? I thought it might have been caused by that.


@pkoby Nope, not subsecond. Image intervall is 2 seconds and the pictures are synced to gpx-track from GPS via script. GPS recording intervall was 1 second. As far as I know the camera EXIF has no subsecond. The -geosync argument for the script was in full seconds, so there is no indication for subsecond (afaik).


@peter Update: not two but three sequences.


@ramap you are right. This is probably due to a race condition in the sequence bot cutting the sequence, but the change not being applied fast enough so the sequence gets cut again (the images were moved between sequences 4 times). Thanks for the example, I will create an issue on this and look into it to avoid this.


Almost all my tracks in period from April to May are broken. Images are connected in some part randomly, for instance