Mapillary Support available?

I am curious, if the email is still active. I’ve send some emails but there was no reaction and no answer at all.

Mapillary Team, you should know, if you want get free and unsolicited data contributions for your business, you should not disobey the contributors.


Yes, they answer.
Last I had an answer from a name I do not know.
I had complained about @system editing my pictures and I do not know who @system is and what he did to my pictures.
This is the answer I received =
"You’re probably referring to the sequence cut bot which would have been cutting any sequences with large distances between two images in the same sequence. "

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Yes, support did reply to my vague problem description with clear instructions on what info to provide. Now awaiting reply on why the Desktop Uploader v1.2.4 on win10 home (at that time still v 1909) stopped uploading when the web-uploader in the new Edge browser worked flawlessly.
There may not be a 24/7 service, perhaps more like mon-fri 9-5?

@Calmapill Sincerely apologising for late response due to backlog in the support queue. I’ve just replied to your email.