Feature requests - Desktop uploader

Given there is a new version of the desktop uploader I thought I would start a thread with possible enhancements that would be nice to see on the uploader. This is not a thread to whinge about deficiencies, but rather a place to suggest improvements (given there appears to be no GITHUB or public place to make suggestions…only email to support@mapillary.zendesk.com )

My suggestions so far

  • An ‘About’ menu item so we can tell which version we are using

  • You get a notification of ‘Uploading sequence 1, 2, 3’ etc but it would be good to see ‘Uploading sequence 6/27’ etc so you can get an idea of remaining time.

  • an update to the help pages due to the new interface - Desktop uploader – Mapillary


Thanks for the suggestions!

We’ve released Desktop Uploader 2.0.4 and it includes you suggestions for the “About” menu and the total number of sequences per upload.

We’ll also update the help pages soon.

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Many thanks @nikola - much appreciated