New Desktop Uploader


I didn’t see it mentioned around here, they’ve released a GUI desktop uploader tool.

we’re now releasing the Mapillary Desktop Uploader, which is a desktop application that lets you conveniently upload large amounts of geotagged imagery to Mapillary. That includes organization imagery (both private and public), in case you are contributing on behalf of an organization.

The Desktop Uploader can handle much larger image quantities than the web uploader, is able to prevent your computer from going to sleep in the middle of the upload process (e.g. if you want to leave 25,000 images uploading overnight), and can pick up where things were left off in case something interrupts the upload—whether it’s a connection issue or you just need to pause it for some reason.


That gives me time to quarrrel.


one thing i would like to see added is bandwidth throttling. at the moment i use chrome’s dev tools to limit the upload speed to 250kb during the day so it doesnt bog down the rest of my internet and then turn it off at night so they upload at full speed.

something where you could set a schedule would be even better. (netlimiter 4 on windows will work with this uploader if anyone is interested but you have to pay to use it)


me too!

also I really hope there will be a linux compatible application in the future…Linux has not a great market share in the desktop sector but in the last StateOfTheMap, the international OpenStreetMap conference, I saw many laptop with a linux system. So I bet it is also very widely used (or at least not so irrelevant in the market share) among the mapillary community.


its actually working ok for me using playonlinux (wine).
picking a folder is a bit tedious since you have to click through from the start of the c drive to whatever folder you have your images stored in, but playonlinux has a shortcut to the documents folder in the sidebar of the file picker so if you move your photos there you can get to them faster


How long should it take ? It took 15 minutes to scan 20000 pictures. Now it has been preparing them during 30 minutes.
The pictures are on an SD Card in a USB card reader.


The uploader makes so many logs on the sd card that that was a bad idea.
Now I copy 1st to the hard disk.


On OS X (10.12.6 (16G1618)) I have to log in each time when I quit and re-open the desktop uploader.
This is a major hassle, since my password is a random string of 18 letters and the uploader also doesn’t allow copy-paste from my password manager.


Ah ya, I see the log file issue with Windows 10. It seems odd to me to not use the usual paradigm where the program has it’s own folder for ALL of it’s logging.

I would think spattering the log files about like that will cause problems for some users depending on what they’re doing.


Agreed. I also find that really annoying, even though my password is relatively simple compared to yours.


I have a folder on my laptop (with SSD drive) containing 1800 or so images. Scanning took around 10 mins and them after uploading I tried to delete the image folder and discovered that there were around 50,000 files in the logs!! Deleting it too even longer than scanning.

Is this normal? What is the Desktop Uploader doing up-front that the Web Uploader doesn’t do?


Allow me to post THE link.