Desktop Uploader 4.0 is here! Looking for feedback

Hey all! The Mapillary team has officially released version 4.0 of the Mapillary Desktop Uploader, adding ExifTool support, which should broaden the number of cameras that users are able to upload with by just dragging and dropping images and videos into the Desktop Uploader. This includes dash cameras and action cameras from BlackVue, Anker, Vantrue, Viofo, etc.

On that note, we’re also looking to collect feedback about what cameras users are and aren’t able to successfully upload with. If you have a moment, you can either fill out this Google Form, or simply post in this thread about a camera you’ve been unable to upload to Mapillary with.

Check out our official blog post announcement here: Desktop Uploader Version 4.0 is Now Available


This is the same functionality that was available in the beta, right?

Correct. That functionality is now in the official release.

With plasma on wayland, the drag&drop from Dolphin or digiKam does not work. Not sure if that is a general wayland thing or if there is someting the uploader can do to support this.

@enteq - can you share a link to some sample files please?

How can I geotag it? I dragged both the GPS file and mp4 into the uploader and it doesn’t geotag.

Hi! Next release of the desktop uploader is bringing GPX support, it will automatically pick up GPX flies with the same name as the video in the folder and you’ll also be able to select a GPX file for each video in the new UI. Releasing soon!

You can also test these features earlier in the beta, you can download the latest beta version for Windows, Mac and Linux.


I just dropped some Nextbase 622GW 4K footages and it works perfectly!
The only issue I have is this the dashcam informations at the bottom, especially the car’s plates. Is it possible to blur it or delete the lower portion of the video?

Glad to hear this dashcam worked well for you! I added it to our list of tested cameras at Mapillary Video Support - Google Sheets

In terms of hiding the text the camera is adding at the bottom of the video, the easiest way is probably to turn this off in the camera settings (for example “Number Plate” from the manual 622GW Dash Cam Support - Nextbase - United States). Technically another way would be to edit the video to crop this out using a video editing tool, but that’s probably a bit of work. Mapillary doesn’t have tooling to edit this.

I just found out that the MyNextbase Player app does allow to stitch the videos together, as well as removing the dashcam informations at the bottom of the video (don’t know how they do that, though). Could you add it in the comment section on the google spreadsheet, please? :slight_smile:
Now I’ll be able to upload a lot of footages without hassle! :slight_smile:

Nice! Added to the comments section. Thanks for the heads up!

Well… After more testings, I got a little bit too optimistic, sorry about that :frowning:
It does work with the MP4 files that are created by the dashcam itself, but as soon as I modify anything with the MyNextbase software, it exports as a .MOV file and the uploader won’t detect the GPS data anymore.
I think the issue is with exiftool as it can read the gps data with the .MP4 file, but not with the .MOV file.
I know the GPS datas are still embedded in the .MOV file because I transfered the MOV file alone to another computer and could still get the GPS data to be displayed on the Nextbase software…

Interesting, could you share a link to an example .mov file?

Here it is : Nextbase_Video_Edit.002.MOV - Google Drive

The Nextbase software also allows removing the GPS and accelerometer datas, it might be helpful to identify the data’s location and format. You can find it here: Nextbase_Video_Edit.002_Without_GPS_data.MOV - Google Drive

You can find the original .MP4 file here: 240228_175029_165_FH.MP4 - Google Drive

I also created a post on the Exiftool’s forum : Add support for MyNextbase Player app .MOV exports

Excellent, thank you for the sample files and the exiftool forum post. Once exiftool adds support we’ll incorporate it into an upcoming desktop uploader version and everything should “just work” :slight_smile:

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It seems like Phil found a way to extract the datas from the MOV file, even though the sub-second timing seem to be lost in the conversion process. I don’t think this will be an issue for Mapillary though :slight_smile:
Support should be added for ExifTool 12.78, according to Phil.

Super, we’ll pull it into a desktop uploader release from there. cc: @nikola


I’m seeing an issue where some files from a gopro max (for example: GS010020.360 and GS010024.360 on the ‘tumblecow’ account) seem to upload successfully, the desktop uploader says that they’re uploaded (and refuses to upload them again), but they just never appear on Mapillary.

Might just be that these files are too large (9.5G and 22.2G) - but in any case; They shouldn’t just be dropped on the floor silently.

Just to let you know, Exiftool 12.78 is out! It seems to be working fine for the .MOV files from MyNextBase Player, and it also fixed a bug for videos that start without GPS fix (with 12.77, if the first 100 images didn’t have GPS data, it would stop checking for GPS data for the rest of the video even though there were a GPS fix at some point).

@TumbleCow - I think your observation is correct, they likely failed processing because they are too large (which is a problem we are working to fix, the silent fail is definitely not the intended behavior). Can you confirm you didn’t see them on your feed at all? They should have appeared as “Failed” for 2 weeks afterwards.