Desktop Uploader 4.0 is here! Looking for feedback

Hey all! The Mapillary team has officially released version 4.0 of the Mapillary Desktop Uploader, adding ExifTool support, which should broaden the number of cameras that users are able to upload with by just dragging and dropping images and videos into the Desktop Uploader. This includes dash cameras and action cameras from BlackVue, Anker, Vantrue, Viofo, etc.

On that note, we’re also looking to collect feedback about what cameras users are and aren’t able to successfully upload with. If you have a moment, you can either fill out this Google Form, or simply post in this thread about a camera you’ve been unable to upload to Mapillary with.

Check out our official blog post announcement here: Desktop Uploader Version 4.0 is Now Available


This is the same functionality that was available in the beta, right?

Correct. That functionality is now in the official release.