Is there a way to delete one of your own images?

Recently, I’ve noticed that a few images I uploaded are very blurry. Is there a button to delete one of your one photos? Looking at the UI of the web app, I can’t find one.

No possibility right now. Lets wait for website updates in coming months, they can not ignore the need for some delete and edit functions forever

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Alright. That’s good to know. It sounds like I picked a bad time to get interested in Mapillary again, heh. I contributed a lot from 2017-2019, and my interest has resurged recently. Within the past few months, they’ve made a ton of technical changes including a new API and app.

No, which is not only really unfortunate and annoying but most probably illegal also since the GDPR came into effect. This should have not happened in the first place and if anything should certainly have been rectified asap. Actually, I am surprised that no privacy and/or consumer rights protection organization has stepped in yet and filed a complaint with a data protection authority. Since any possible fine for that must have accumulated to some considerable amount by now, maybe I should finally report this ignorant behavior to the authorities?