How to: images taken around me?

Hi there,

I have tried to upload some images taken all around me.
Is there a trick to get the algorithm to “stitch” them properly, so you can use the crooked arrows to rotate the camera?
This seq. for example is poorly connected, and going left and right is not always choosing the correct next image, or impossible sometimes:

Do I need to manually set all images to the EXACT same coordinates before uploading, for this to work?


Maybe because the buildings on both side look the same ?

Thanks for your reply, but I made sure the compass is absolutely right on all images.
That can’t be it?

@utack That seems to be a frequent problem with the uploaded images. I don’t know of a solution to it, except to be sure that they are all pointed in the right direction (which is something you can correct using some of the website tools). I suspect that it has to do with some of the back-end processing not quite getting things right a lot of the time.

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