Searching & embedding Mapillary images

I found this very useful link in finding/filtering images starting with en latitude & longitude:

Also I can understand how to create the i-frame URL based upon the data received from the seacrhj responses.

BUT, when I view an image like for example this one:

And i click the next image in the sequence and alter the bearing/orientation, is there a way to retrieve the x, y, client_id and image_key?

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Found it :relaxed:

Instead of removing this thread, I’ll share the answer: found it using the Mapillary-JS:

Instead of keeping my days work to my self, I thought I’dd share it:

Using mapillaryJS and the API gobbling up data (image key, x, y, latitude, longitude, mouse positions and such) I created some extra functionality for viewing (and if one wants storing) data and images:

  • flattened circles on local image positions
  • one can click on image paths (those circles) and one jumps to that location!

Take a look:

Can’t seem to get the “double tab” on an pad/smartphone to do a mouse-click, anyone a suggestion?

Now I have a question… when you have seen it and like the work, nice :wink:
But when you visit the page via https I get errors?!
What is going on here, Can’t I use MapillaryJS with HTTPS?

PS: when you have once visted the URL via https, you can’t go back…

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