Mapillary image widget

I just tried the Mapillary javascript widget. Just did copy paste in an empty html. Works really easy.
But is it also possible to embed a sequence in the same way? I was thinking of the small video windows you use in the #MapillaryWalk contest.
It would be really cool to embed your walk or other sequence on a blog or so.
It could also be used by real estate sites to promote a house for sale (to name a possile commercial use)

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page not found, any update

We’re planning on a simple embed feature (iframe) for sequences - stay tuned!


I find it difficult to map the missing GPS data in the photos uploaded by me in an unexplored region where no man made features are not available except the roads, rivers, valley, hills, cliffs, waterfalls, lake, ponds as the Mapillary do not show (switch over to) the satellite imagery as in Wikimapia or Google map.
For each and every missing GPS in Photo I have to visit Wikimapia every time to locate the position (with time scale too) and fix it in Mapillary… this is very much time consuming.
This beautiful feature of satellite imagery while mapping along with the drid arrangement of thumb image at the margin was available in Panoramio which is no more now… I tried to upload a sample mapping page of Panoramio in vain …I get the message as “… new users can not upload images”

Will Mapillary not enable the mode of satellite imagery as self contained tool to facilitate mapping.

Hi @dhanasekaranmy - we actually have satellite imagery available. When exploring, editing or uploading via the web uploader, you can click on the basemap icon and choose to view satellite instead of map.

Thanks for information. Mapbox required login ! I try again

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