Links to sequences broken on this forum

It seems the links to sequences don’t open in my browser (W7, Firefox) if I post it here on the forum:

If you use the direct link like it works

The actual non working link is: & a m p ; pKey=ivg5YBQHHBqbBvJROd53RQ
(ignore my spaces so the forumdoes not fix the error). Notice that the & has been html-encoded into & . Fix that, and it works. I assume you have pasted correctly - then something have encoded the url once too many times.

Yes, if I grab the link from the mapillary sequence, the forum software converts it into a non working link. Do I need to report this on github?

Since nobody from Mapillary has answered my question I dropped this issue in github:

Thank for reporting that.

It still feels like a fundamental problem separating the regular boards from the bug tracking.

I’ve disabled the onebox link preview plugin as it seemed to be the culprit… Trying to paste the url here as part of a line:

And then on its own line:


Thanks Martin for the fix!