[feature request] Scenic Spots on Mapillary


I’m a traveling photographer and already contributed thousands of high quality 360 panoramas of scenic locations around the world on Google Maps and Google Street View (my contributor’s profile).
However, google decided to shut down Street View platform and I’m going to upload all my photospheres to Mapillary.

I examined Mapillary platform and see that it may be well suited for the purpose of discovering scenic locations in remote areas like national parks and nature reserves.

There is an example of scenic spots images on Mapillary map in New Zealand

But, I see that Mapillary is primarily centered on road image sequences to collect data for computer models and single images is not it’s priority. At this moment it’s almost impossible to explore scenic spots as all single images (which are not in sequences) are only visible on the map at maximum zoom levels and disappear on zooming out.

To make Mapillary more suitable for the discovery of scenic spots I’d suggest adding a few convenient features:

  • The ability to mark uploaded images as scenic spots (or using additional metadata tag in exif header) to distinguish them from street imagery.
  • The ability to mark a profile as a dedicated contributor of scenic spot images and treat all uploaded images as scenic spots.
  • Use a different color for dots on the map for scenic spots imagery.
  • Add image filter for scenic spots.
  • Add OpenTopoMap and satellite/aerial imagery map layer as they make it more convenient to explore scenic areas like nature reserves.

Thanks for your message, @coronaviking. We always welcome more images, especially in 360. Roads has more coverage as this, I would guess, is an easier target then more time-consuming capture on go, etc.

@boris what do you think about mentioned features?

BR, Yaro.

It may take the whole day walking and climbing to capture just a few single panoramas in a scenic area, much more time consuming than just driving a car with attached camera. Please make these offroad shots more useful in Mapillary as it has great potential for covering roadless areas.

Isn’t it exciting to pick any distant location like Greenland, New Zealand or Patagonia then click a green dot and view gorgeous landscape like this one https://goo.gl/maps/yGTwuw5wJejUsKxe7 ?

This is an interesting idea and thank you for the feature suggestions! We’ll note them for the future. I think a near-term option could be to make a website featuring beautiful panoramas (maybe starting with just yours?). You could use Mapillary embed to make it happen https://help.mapillary.com/hc/en-us/articles/115001778705-Embedding-sequences - maybe even a website like “Mapillary Gallery” to showcase them?

I started uploading my 360 panos taken in the last five years around the world. It takes almost a week to process images, so now there are only ready 2018 and 2019 years.

Here I’m posting a couple of exotic areas covered with blue dots of scenic spots:

It’s better to view the map zoomed out as there is a bug with disappearing dots on zooming in.

I’m continuing to upload panos and soon there will be much more dots.

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I keep uploading my panoramas and there are already over 1000 of them ready on Mapillary.

However, when I browse the map with my profile’s filtered images, all green dots disappear when I zoom it in past z=6.00. Can it be fixed ?

example of map at z=5.99

example of map at z=6 (map is empty)

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Thanks for reporting. I can confirm that this replicates for me, we’re going to take a look at what’s going on and update here when we have a fix. cc: @nikola

It’s an visualization issue. All data are uploaded and looks good.

At z=6 the map starts to show green sequences instead of green dots (as shown at z=5 to z=0). The sequences in this area are mostly single image sequences, and strictly visualizing a sequence requires at least two images, hence none of them shows up.

We will “fix” these single image sequences to make sure them show up. Meanwhile, make sure your uploads contain more than 1 image per sequence.

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@tao I use upload tool and when I zip images into sequences, it creates zip archives containing single image each. Will that solve showing them on the map beyond z=6 ?

I’ve just finished uploading all my ground landscape photos and started uploading aerial drone panos.

Here are some cherrypicked images of beautiful landscapes from my recent travels to enjoy:

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Yes, they will be shown.

Beautiful shots!

Didn’t notice this rendering issue before, now it makes sense why I can’t easily see my single photos.

I doubt any scenic photo-specific features would be implemented, as that is not the primary use case, there is limited data Mapillary can extract from it, and “scenic” is a subjective term. Enjoy the free hosting at least. A dedicated website may be a better solution